Minorities in Pakistan suffer due to discriminatory laws, says human rights activist

Aug 18, 2020

Washington DC (US), August 18, 2020 (ANI): Pakistan-based human rights organization, Human Rights Focus Pakistan (HRFP) has said that minorities in Pakistan are suffering due to discriminatory laws in the country. Present of HRFP, who is based in Washington DC, said that Hindus, Christians, Sikhs and other members of the minority community in Pakistan are facing persecution where girls are forced to convert to Islam and minorities are forced to face blasphemy law. He also demanded the resumption of temple construction in Islamabad, which was stopped by pressure from Islamists. The new temple planned for Islamabad, the city's first, was supposed to be a symbol of tolerance. Instead, violence and controversy have turned it into an emblem of Pakistan's troubled relationship with its religious minorities. Several Muslim clerics ruled that no Hindu temple should be built because Pakistan is a Muslim country.