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Two thirds of Australians concerned about fake news online: report

Jun 16, 2020

Canberra (Australia), June 16: A majority of Australians are worried about fake news online, a survey has found.
The survey, published by the University of Canberra and the University of Oxford on Tuesday, found that about 58 percent of Australians believe that social media platforms should block misleading political advertisements.
Almost two thirds said they were worried about what is real and what is fake on the internet.
The survey found that trust in Australian news has climbed to 53 percent during the coronavirus crisis compared to 38 percent during the summer bushfires.
News consumption has increased in Australia over the last 12 months with 39 percent of respondents saying they get their news from Facebook, lower than the global average of 42 percent.
Respondents also have a strong preference for impartial news (54 percent) rather than news that shares their point of view (19 percent) or challenges their viewpoint (13 percent).
The data collected also suggests that older news consumers are more likely to want impartial news than those in younger generations, with only 45 percent of Gen Z believing it is important compared to three quarters of baby boomers.
"Younger news consumers are less concerned about journalism's independence from commercial and political interests and are more open to accessing news that shares their point of view, rather than offering an impartial one," the report said.
"The data also show that more left-wing news consumers deem independent reporting to be important to society than centre and right-wing news consumers."
Source: Xinhua News Agency