A visual of the Hazratbal Shrine (mosque) in Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir. (Photo/ANI)

Prayer hall, washrooms being built for female pilgrims at Srinagar's Hazratbal Shrine

Sep 04, 2020

Srinagar (Jammu and Kashmir) [India], September 4 (ANI): The Srinagar Municipal Corporation (SMC) is constructing a prayer hall and washrooms for female pilgrims at the popular Hazratbal Shrine (mosque) in Srinagar.
The Hazratbal shrine has been a major attraction in the Kashmir Valley which pilgrims from all over Jammu and Kashmir visit with their families to offer prayers. Local residents often visit the shrine on Fridays to offer prayers.
For a long time, women visiting the mosque faced problems due to the lack of washrooms in the area. In view of this, the SMC is constructing a prayer hall and a washroom for ladies so that they don't face inconvenience in the future.
While speaking to ANI, George Hussain, Assistant Executive Engineer, SMC, said "We have kept 18 WCs and three washrooms exclusively for women. It had been completed but due to COVID-19, there was a delay of about one and a half months due to the shortage of skilled workers."
"But later, local workers came and did some of the work and rest of the construction is underway. The cost of the project is around Rs 70 lakh. We have spent Rs 50 lakh so far, and we will be spending Rs 20 lakh more as per the need," he added.
The prayer hall will specially be allocated to the women who can now stay here, even for their night prayers. In addition, the washroom facilities for the women would provide a safe and convenient public amenity to them.
"This is a good initiative by the Srinagar Municipal Corporation, as the ladies used to face a lot of problems here earlier. There was a delay in this project due to COVID-19, but still, it was done well," said Peer Maqsood-ul- Haq, administrator, Hazratbal Shrine.
The SMC is using the latest technology and equipment for the construction of the prayer hall and washrooms. The local residents and local administration of the area have also appreciated this move.
"Earlier, the ladies used to suffer a lot due to the lack of washrooms. This construction will benefit them," said a local. (ANI)