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Indonesian people increasingly worry about COVID-19: president

Aug 03, 2020

Jakarta (Indonesia), Aug 3: Indonesian President Joko Widodo observed that people in the country have been increasingly worrying about the COVID-19 spread since the past few weeks.
"The atmosphere since the past few weeks has showed that people have been worrying about COVID-19," the president told a virtual cabinet meeting at the State Palace here on Monday.
"We know that until yesterday there have been more than 111,000 cases with 4.7 percent of the fatality rate and this mortality rate in Indonesia is 0.8 percent higher than the global death rate. This is what I think is our common homework," he said.
However, based on the latest data, the president also pointed out that the recovery rate in Indonesia continued to increase to 61.9 percent.
Given the fact of the public concern, Widodo called on authorities to pay a serious attention to the implementation of health protocols and public behaviors.
Media reported last week that people have been worrying as offices especially in Indonesia's capital of Jakarta saw more COVID-19 clusters.
The Indonesian COVID-19 Task Force recently said there had been a drastic increase of COVID-19 cases in offices in Jakarta.
Source: Xinhua News Agency