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Heavy rain flood homes in Naifaru

Aug 13, 2019

Male' (Maldives) August 13: Homes in Naifaru island of Lhaviyani atoll have been affected by flood water due to heavy rain fall.
President of Naifaru Council Mohamed Karim told AVAS that heavy rainfall was experienced in the early hours of Monday, due to which four homes in the island received damages.
"It rained nonstop from early morning for two hours. It stopped for a while and has resumed again", he said.
Karim said some furniture in the four affected houses have been damaged beyond use, and the council is closely monitoring the condition of the affected homes and other households.
Work is currently ongoing by the island council, jointly with MNDF and police to recede flood waters in severely affected areas. They are being assisted by the Indian company constructing the island's water and sewerage system.
"Although we are working to recede the flood water, the water collects in the middle of the island. Therefore, it is likely that it will flood more if rain continues. We are on alert", said the councilor.
Bad weather is currently being experienced all over Maldives. According to the meteorology office, the weather is expected to stay the same today. Police have urged those traveling via sea to stay alert.