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Fit grandmother, 63, opens up about feeling 'ageless,' dating younger men

Aug 25, 2019

Melbourne (Australia) August 25: One fitness-focused grandmother in Australia is putting the "sexy" in "sexagenarian," opening up about her passion for exercise and dating men decades her junior in a new tell-all interview.
"I had always had a keen interest in fitness and health and I was determined to find a way to nourish my body to look and feel younger," Lesley Maxwell, 63, recently told The Sun.
The grandmother of three from Melbourne revealed that she truly fell in love with the wellness world after becoming a personal trainer at age 48 and winning her first fitness figure competition at age 49 - though her interest in healthy living and strength training has been lifelong.
"I used to love being strong and winning bets with boys that I could lift more than them," Maxwell recalled. "My mom used to tell me 'Boys don't like girls with muscles' - but I know they did!"
Fast forward to the present, and Maxwell has been crowned with over 30 bodybuilding titles to date. Better yet, she claims she's never felt more "ageless" - a confidence which certainly appeals to her youthful suitors.
"I'm always approached by younger men, I feel ageless so it works," the sexagenarian dished. "All of my partners have been younger than me, including my ex-husband, whom I had a 13-year age gap with."
"I'm much happier and confident in myself now than when I was younger, especially since I have made many friends through the gym and competing," she continued.
The Aussie woman is dedicated to a strict workout regimen with plenty of weight training five days per week, and relies on a diet of "nutrient-dense" health food to achieve her enviable frame.
Maxwell hopes to inspire other women of all ages to embrace a fitness-focused life to better their mind, body and spirit - and the sooner, the better.
"All I'd say is - don't wait! I think every woman would like to bring their sexy back," she told the Sun.
Maxwell frequently shares her adventures in the gym, the kitchen and the great outdoors with her 7,800-plus followers on Instagram.
Source: Fox News Network